Neonatal Transport

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Nobody knows more about neonatal transport than International Biomedical. In the air or on the ground, our neonatal transport incubators offer the safest and most secure transport. All of our incubators are customized for your specific air or ground transport needs to ensure the best possible fit and are equipped with any additional tools or diagnostics as needed.
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AirBORNE Transport Incubators

  • 750i Transport Incubator
  • Voyager Transport Incubator
  • Aviator Transport Incubator

AeroNox Nitric Oxide Delivery

AeroNOx 2.0 offers continuous and uninterrupted inhaled nitric oxide therapy and analysis for transport and bedside needs.

TXP High Frequency Ventilation

International Biomedical integrates ventilators to deliver a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use solution that sets the standard for the industry.


The Transportle allows for patient transitioning with minimal disturbance and offers protective support for the most precious package.