AngelEye Health

“Family Centered Care with Comprehensive Engagement”

Live neonatal camera system at the bedside, milk tracking, and empowered education for families and caretakers.

AngelEye Health Camera System

The state-of-the-art CameraSystem™ brings live-streaming video of the patient to family members anywhere, anytime, on any device. The Solution also allows care teams to easily share one-way patient updates and memorable moments with real-time text, photos, and video. This Solution delivers proven impact by reducing stress and anxiety for parents with a child in the NICU or pediatric unit, supporting bonding with their child when they cannot be at the hospital, and improving staff workflow efficiency.

AngelEye Health MilkTracker

MilkTracker takes “feeding management” to a whole new level, surpassing the basic task of ensuring correct feeds for patients. Our innovative solution prioritizes safety at every step of the feeding process, involving families in the care journey and providing access to in- hospital lactation support through a user-friendly parent-facing app.

AngelEye Health Empower

Empower is a turn-key solution designed to deliver automated, journey-based education through text or email with timely, engaging, and relevant information and resources to support families from birth through the first six months at home.