Advanced Neonatal Respiratory Equipment

Since 2006, Connect Medical has been a trusted name for NICU medical supplies in the Midwest. We have built our reputation by supplying advanced neonatal products without compromising on quality and offering personalized, dedicated service to our customers.

Connect Medical Corporation

Respiratory Products

Most of the newborns face respiratory issues and need immediate care for positive results. We specialize in offering a broad spectrum of innovative respiratory items to hospitals for improved patient care. Our manufacturers use breakthrough technology to develop efficient healthcare products to fuel up your work.

Westmed NeoVent Infant T-piece Resuscitation Circuit

Neo-Vent™ circuits are simple to set up and easy to use. They enable confident command of inflation pressures to avoid barotrauma. The circuit’s straight forward, finger activated
controls allow you to safely and effectively regulate PIP, Inspiratory Time and
Breathing Rate.

Suction and Oxygen Therapy Products

Our experts have years of experience in offering a comprehensive range of suction and oxygen therapy products to hospitals. Our products feature intuitive user interfaces that require minimal training but give excellent performance enabling you to focus on patient safety.