Neonatal Skin Care

Best Quality Organic Skin Care Baby Products

Parents need to give special attention when it comes to buying skincare products for their little ones since what goes on the baby's skin, also goes in their skin.

At Connect Medical, we source only high-quality organic skincare products to be your one-stop-shop for preconceiving medical supplies to take care of your babies.

Connect Medical Corporation

Organic Skin Care

The industry-leading formulas, made from 70% or more organic ingredients, are free from all toxins, proteins, artificial ingredients, artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, silicone, lanolin, chemicals or pesticides. All products are clinically tested, non-allergenic, and top rated by the Environmental Working Group for safety. Each ingredient was chosen for its benefits to the skin.

Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to model healthy and safe product choices. Give the babies in your care the best start possible! Try our Bubbly Wash, Silky Cream, Diaper Balm and Nurturing Massage Oil.


WaterWipes are the world’s purest baby wipes. WaterWipes contain 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract so they are safe to use on delicate new born babies skin. Our wipe material is a blend of 80% polyester and 20% viscose, which makes 20% of our wipe biodegradable.

WaterWipes are suitable for sensitive, newborn and premature baby’s skin, WaterWipes are recommended by midwives* for helping to prevent the causes diaper rash or skin allergies.

95% of healthcare professionals said that they would recommend WaterWipes*.

We are the only baby wipe approved by Skin Health Alliance, Allergy UK and the French Association for the Prevention of Allergies as well as to get the National Eczema Association of America’s seal of acceptance.

WaterWipes are manufactured under clean room conditions using a unique purifying technology. The water passes through a seven-step purification process that uses a series of filters to remove impurities, soften and purify the water. This process makes the water significantly purer than cooled boiled water. This purifying technology produces a unique product that effectively cleanses the skin, without the need for several additional cleansing ingredients. This makes WaterWipes and ideal choice for neonatal units who wish to offer the most delicate clean for their babies.

Following an extensive literature review by an independent team of dermatologists, the Skin Health Alliance has that validated WaterWipes baby wipes are purer than using cotton wool and water.

*Source: A survey conducted with 403 healthcare professionals at AWHONN 2019