Neonatal Critical Care

Exclusive Neonatal Critical Care Supplies & Equipment

At Connect Medical, we have partnered with some of the best manufacturers to fulfill the needs of the neonatal intensive care unit. We use world-class technology with practical solutions to offer quality medical supplies to take care of our youngest patients. We take pride in helping our customers provide quality patient care and keep their hospitals ahead of their competition.

Connect Medical Corporation


The NeoBellyBand was specifically designed for infants to support abdominal muscle function. Abdominal wall integrity plays an important role in cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal function. When abdominal wall integrity and/or thoracic cage stability is compromised due to gaseous distention, prematurity, or anatomical anomalies, the dynamic stabilization of the abdominal muscles is impaired.

Tarry Incubator Replacement Filters

Tarry Incubator Replacement Filters are manufactured to OEM specifications. Made from the highest quality non-woven fibers, our filters are guaranteed to work in your incubator.

Neonatal Oral Hygiene

Trademark Medical oral hygiene and oral care products are special Plak-Vac petite applicator swabs featuring a polypropylene handle with a soft polyurethane foam head. These small profile swabs are ideal for hard to reach areas in the oral cavity and for small patients and those with limited oral access.
Petite Swabs come in various sizes. Create your own custom kits to fit your hospital's hygiene protocol.

Plak-Vac Petite Oral Hygiene Custom Kits

Tailor-made to support the oral hygiene needs of both intubated and non-intubated babies.

Our Petite kits are configured to include choices for swabbing, cleaning, moisturizing, and suctioning the oral cavity. Organizing all components at the point-of-care enhances protocol compliance as well as adherence to infection control policies.

Oral Therapy and The Use of Mother's Milk for Treatment of Neonates

Oropharyngeal Administration of Colostrum for ELBW Babies and Mother's milk for NPO and Non-Orally Feeding Babies:

  • Exposure to Biofactors/Immune Agents
  • Developmental Support
  • Infection Prevention

Neonatal Ostomy

All-in-one drainable ostomy pouches with skin barrier designed specifically for the pre-term infant.  The Preemie Pouch is easy to use, sample and skin friendly with the hydrocolloid attachment.

Preemie Pouch - Oval for Double Barrel Ostomy

3 1/2" daisy shaped barrier without starter hole and with an oval shaped maximum useable area of 1" x 1 3/4"; and a separate 8" pouch with exclusive drainage port for luer-lock and luer-slip syringe access.

Preemie Pouch All-In-One Drainable Ostomy Pouches with Skin Barrier

Preemie Pouch Port - designed for high, acid and runny output such as with an ileostomy, jejunostomy and duodenostomy.
Preemie Pouch Open Drain - designed for ileostomy and colostomy with thicker or formed stool that is difficult to remove through a port. Hydrocolloid Seal that is flexible, moldable and skin-friendly. It's double thickness reinforces around the stoma; daisy and round shapes.

Neutra Skin

Neutra Skin® is a pectin-based, latex free ultra thin barrier used whenever skin needs protection from adhesives. Neutra Skin® has been developed to produce the lowest possible skin irritation while maintaining superior adhesion. Neutra Skin® was specially made for neonatal use, it is flexible and gentle.