Neonatal Developmental Care

Safe NICU Products to Enhance Development in Newborns

Connect Medical specializes in offering top-notch products for equipment for neonatal development care in the Midwest. We have partnered with passionate manufacturers that give utmost importance to developing quality medical supplies that are tested and proven safe to use for young patients.

Our team understands that quality plays a significant role for clinicians. All the products we supply undergo stringent quality tests, ensuring the exceptional medical supplies to your facility.

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Positioning Aids Neurodevelopment Products

The practice of positioning infants in the NICU in a manner that supports not only the musculoskeletal and motor systems but aids and facilitates neurodevelopment. 

Optimal positioning offers an experience that is safe, supportive and dynamic (versus static) while allowing the infant to be cared for by his/her family and caregivers.


Like the original Dandle ROO, the ROO2 is a circumferential system that supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device.

While the Dandle ROO is made with a white 100% cotton fabric, the ROO2 is made with a high quality sports performance fabric in a cute lion print.

The basic principles of the ROO and ROO2 are the same – optimize the opportunities for preterm infants to be contained in a flexed, midline position with the ability to move and return to flexion.

The ROO2 comes with the base (headroll, wings and pouch) and 1 multi-purpose roll that helps to keep lower extremities in a posterior pelvic tilt, critical to long-term development. The gel pillow with cover and brim to shield the eyes may be purchased as accessories.

ROO Lite

The Dandle ROO™ Lite was developed to support the neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant when a disposable product better meets the needs of the baby or the NICU staff. The ROO Lite may be hand laundered or machine washed in a gentle cycle.

Like the original Dandle ROO™, the Dandle ROO™ Lite supports prone, supine and side-lying positions all in one device. All components touching the baby are made from a soft, stretchy cotton, not paper or polyester. A single layer of the lightweight cotton allows approximately 70%
of phototherapy lights to penetrate. The low cost
encourages creative uses! Consider it for admissions, during phototherapy treatment, for eye or hearing screens, on transport, during “messy” procedures or anytime a baby would benefit from containment and comfort.

Wrap Stretch – Swaddling, NAS

Check out the Brochure to learn more.
Developed by NICU professionals to support the
neurodevelopment of the preterm and ill infant. The Dandle WRAPStretch™ supports positioning of the developing, more competent infant and may be used in support of back to sleep practice, especially for those babies who struggle with the transition from positioning aids to an unsupported supine position. The WRAP Stretch™ is very helpful during kangaroo care transfers, IV starts, PICC line placement, etc. and is adaptable for
diaper changes and visualization of specific areas
without disturbing the baby.

Cozy Cub – bigger babes, ECMO, special positioning needs

The Cozy Cub is a pellet-filled boundary that is very helpful for bigger babies or those with special positioning needs. The small internal pellets are smooth and almost feel silky. Unlike more formed boundaries, the Cozy Cub can get into nooks and crannies to provide support exactly where it is needed. Developed originally for ECMO and post-surgical patients, the Cozy Cub can be used for preemies under bili-lights, babies who are more
agitated, or any baby who just needs a little ‘more.’

Dandle PAL – used alone or in conjunction with other aids

Developed by a team of neonatal occupational and physical therapists, the unique double bean bag design makes the Dandle PAL a versatile positioning tool. The Dandle PAL can be used alone, with multiple PALs or in conjunction with the Dandle ROO2 or Dandle WRAP Stretch.

The Dandle PAL will help:

  • Support the baby’s position when more stability is needed
  • As an extra set of hands to provide individualized positioning
  • Contain a baby during phototherapy or when optimal visualization of the baby is necessary (try using two PALs – one at the head and one at the feet)
  • Provide support for tubing or medical equipment Support baby in prone, supine and side-lying positions

Gel pillow – neonate and pediatric

Designed to provide a comfortable cushion to meet the support needs of micro-preemie, preemie, and full-term infants. Gel pillows can help reduce the need for frequent re-positioning or to make immobilized babies more
comfortable. Gel pillows can be used as a mattress for very low birthweight babies or as a prone roll for bigger babies. Each gel pillow comes with a fully washable cover.

Our pillows are made from soft, DEHP free polyethylene film that does not react with the gel fill. Our pillow covers are 100% cotton and can be washed and reused. The gel is a non-toxic, water based food gel that is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.

• 7 sizes available for neonates and pediatric- See

Crown Cradle – orthotic for natural head shape

Protecting the infant’s brain is always a priority.

  • Promotes physiologic flexion, containment, and midline positioning
  • Encourages proper alignment of head, neck, and spine
  • Can be used during x-rays and MRI’s
  • Helps to keep head in midline position when used in combination with the Dandle PAL or Cozy Cub
  • Positions


Dandle•LION’s Flo-Form positioners, utilizing Spry Therapeutics’ fluidized technology, support and protect the position of the developing infant, especially when handling is not well-tolerated. The fluidized medium allows the caregiver to create, adjust, and maintain the infant’s desired position while providing an individualized, supportive environment. This proprietary technology facilitates indirect manipulation of the infant’s body, without the need for physical handling.

Baby Care

Swaddled Bathing

Swaddled Bathing Swaddled bathing has been shown to reduce behavioral stress, keep babies more thermally stable and conserve their energy for subsequent feedings. 

Thermal Hats – help reduce heat loss

Hypothermia is a serious problem for low birthweight infants, newborns, and infants undergoing surgical Procedures in an uncontrolled thermal environment. The surface area of the head is about 20% of the total body surface of a newborn infant and is a major source of heat loss. New standards for very premature infants recommend aggressive measures for thermal regulation and humidity immediately following birth.

The Dandle•LION Thermal Hat keeps heat from escaping with a quiet Polyethylene Liner (DEHP and latex free) encased between two layers of soft yarn so it never touches the baby. The plastic is stitched securely at the top with overlapping side panels that adjust to the size of the baby’s head without compromising the thermal barrier.

24% Organic Sucrose for Pain Management

You do so much to protect babies. Now, you have a choice to use organic, preservative, chemical, and pesticide-free sucrose–sweet!

Our product is made of USDA-certified organic sucrose. The sugar cane is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers of any kind...and since it’s grown organically, the local wildlife and water supplies are protected as well.

Oral sucrose administration has been extensively studied in both preterm and term neonates and has been found to significantly reduce pain responses during routine painful procedures such as heel lancing and venipuncture. The AAP in their 2006 policy on The Prevention and Management of Pain in Neonates states that the use oral sucrose and other non-pharmacologic pain-reduction strategies should be used during minor routine procedures. Repeated painful procedures may cause neuro-developmental impairment, especially in preterm babies (AAP). A review done by Harrison, et al., also indicates that sucrose is effective during immunizations in babies up to 12 months of age.

Measurable and barcoded for tracking. 1 mL, 2 mL, purple or orange vials. Each drop distributes 50 uL.


Help to cushion and support baby’s head or extremities
Reduces the need for frequent repositioning
3 sizes: 3” x 6”, 6” x 6” and 6” x 9”
Each TarryGel comes with a white disposable cover

Soft Donuts

Helps to meet baby’s positioning and orthopedic needs
Ultra-soft poly-fill inner core
5 sizes and 2 thicknesses